Features - Skill Based Combat


"The features of the Skill Based Combat maps!"

✧ Skills:
In these maps items and equipment, aren't the only thing supporting you on your journey to defeat your enemies. The most critical element in this map that has a significant impact on fights: Skills. Each player can choose 3 out of 21 different skills, that can be mixed and matched to fit team play and your play style, and each gives you their specific extra-abilities. They can be activated on kills, death or when you take damage! You can switch skills in the lobby, or while in-game via the shop.

✧ Items:
Usually the Skill Based Combat maps also feature a variety of items you can buy. Recurring items also exist. For example Potion Crystals and Orbs of Resurrection have appeared several times.

✧ Custom Health System:
One of the key features - though many players probably don't even notice - is our custom health system. To avoid the respawn screen, we created out own health system, which also includes things like a custom armor system and custom kill detection.

✧ Effect Stacking:
Another often overlooked feature is effect stacking. With all the skills, items and more, there are many situations where you can get the same effect from several sources at the same time. In these cases your effects simply stack. For example Speed I from an item and Speed II from a skill would combine into Speed III. This mainly affects Jump Boost, Speed, Regeneration, Resistance, Strength and custom effects such as Persistence.